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Build engaging forms that speak to your audiences. Choose from a multitude of options, share within clicks, and start receiving responses almost instantly.

Collect customer responses & derive actionable insights

Bring life into your CSAT Surveys. Design questionnaires that give you real answers to customer problems. Automatically create reports, analyze findings, and set growth goals with the most efficient survey platform.


Create online assessments with a few clicks

Focus on what to ask, let us handle how to do it. With the smartest online test software by your side, you don’t need to worry about scoring, exam proctoring, or question timers. Bitpod Survey takes care of it all!


Give your employees the freedom to express themselves

Run polls to find out employee preferences for upcoming events. Create a survey with interactive questions to keep them interested. Allow anonymous responses to make more people participate.


Ask attendees to rate your events

Include feedback and feedforward loops in your survey program. Offer attendees the flexibility to rate events across multiple cross-referenced parameters. Analyze responses and gather insight for improving future events.

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Easily personalize the format of survey with logic control

Bitpod Survey allows you to control the question flow and decide what should be asked next based on information given in the prior question.


Integrate with 700+ apps seamlessly

Move over the need for silos. Bitpod Survey offers smooth integration with over 700 third-party apps and tools. Now watch your apps communicate seamlessly!

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Cloud Storage
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